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Multi-currency is one of the things that really depend on your store's configuration and your accounting needs.

NOTE: Feature available on the Pro and Unlimited** plans.

At the basic configuration, we map the foreign currency to your shop's currency based on the foreign exchange amount that is given by Shopify.

However, supports the multicurrency feature on higher plans (PRO & Unlimited) so the orders currency is kept when sent to Xero. Nonetheless, your Xero account needs to be subscribed to the FX on Xero; it has to be set up to accept the different currencies we send. Xero will allow you to use multiple currencies if you’re on the higher plans.

Once that's confirmed, you need to add your currencies in the “Allow FX for Direct Orders” app setting:

This way, if an invoice comes in a specific currency, the app will not turn it into shop currency (default behavior); Instead, it will keep the original order currency.

Otherwise, you’ll receive the invoices in the Shop Currency.

NOTE: The multicurrency feature described here applies for direct orders. Currently, it's not supported for consolidated Payouts.

Updated on: 28/08/2023

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