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When are orders sent to Xero? gives you the option to select at which point we should export the order to Xero. Either when they are Created or when they are Paid.

By default, invoices will be created when orders are fully paid.

If set to 'Paid', we will send it when the order is fully paid. This is the recommended setup as it will make reconciliation more efficient unless you are expecting partial payments on the order and would like to apply for those partial payments.

If set to 'Created', we will send the invoice once it has been created.

The app will automatically make adjustments based on partial payments and refunds, attaching any required credit notes to invoices as transactions come in.

Please note that orders will only be marked as 'Paid' once you've used them to reconcile against the correct deposit in your account. As you reconcile your accounts using the invoices created by Reconcilely, those invoices will get marked as paid as a payment matching the invoice total would be attached to it.

Optionally, you can have send the payment and match the payment in Xero. For this, you'd need to change the send trigger in 'Created', then nominate a bank account to apply the payments to.

Additionally, it's worth mentioning that depending on the option you choose, additional setting options will be displayed or hidden as those other functionalities are directly connected with the order status.

For more information about reconciling your sales, please visit this guide. If more questions come up, let us know via live chat, and we will be glad to help!

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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