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Consolidating Shopify Payments orders

If you're using Shopify Payments to accept payments in your store, you might want to group your payout orders and send them to Xero in a single invoice for quick payout reconciliation. The invoice will take care of working out the total fees, shipping, sales, exchange rates, gift cards, refunds, etc. so it matches the back deposit you receive from Shopify.

NOTE: Feature available on the Standard, Pro, and Unlimited plans.

This is one of the great features that make very effective as it will save you a lot of time; just make sure to always keep the 'Shopify Payments Consolidation' option enabled in the 'General Settings' section of your app setting for the app to create one invoice for each payout you receive from Shopify.

If this setting is enabled, will send your payouts to Xero when the Payout is created on Shopify, and you can tell Shopify when to generate your payouts. For that, go to your Shopify admin-> Settings-> Payments-> Shopify Payments (manage)-> Payment details-> Payout schedule:

Then, if the 'Shopify Payments Consolidation' section is disabled, the app will manage your payouts' orders individually; therefore, they will be sent to Xero as direct orders, and you will need to reconcile and invest a bit more time in its reconciliation.

For more information about reconciling your sales, please visit this guide.

Note: The Payout consolidation will only work for Shopify Payments for now. So, orders paid through other gateways such as Paypal, AfterPay, etc., will be sent as direct orders.

Updated on: 28/08/2023

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