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Custom mappings

Custom mappings are used to group transactions by product types (from your Shopify store) or even country and map each transaction type to different Xero accounts of your choosing.

NOTE: Feature available on the Pro and Unlimited plans.

These will customize the line items in Xero invoices by grouping transactions together, overriding your regular sales mappings. offers three Custom Mapping options for you to choose from:


If you keep this option selected, the app will not do any override when mapping your transactions. Thus, whichever accounts you choose on your regular sale mappings will be applied to your invoices.

Product Type

This feature is helpful if there are certain products for which you want to create mapping exceptions.

In summary, if this option is enabled, the app will read your product types from Shopify directly and enable you to assign all transactions for a given product type to a ledger account of your choosing.

i.e. Assign all products in the 'Shoes' product type to the '455 - Shoes' ledger account.


If you have the grouping by country feature enabled, you'll be given the option to apply different mappings for each country or group of countries.

From there, invoice line items will be grouped according to country groups you've created on Reconcilely. This is, of course, useful for VAT reporting.

To manage your Country Groups, enable the custom mapping and click on 'Adjust country mappings,' which will open a separate window to create and manage Country Groups.

From there, you'll have the freedom to create as many country groups as needed based on your specific use case, from VAT reporting for specific countries to regrouping geographic activity under a single line item for convenience.

Each country group can have its own custom tax liability account. Thus, if you need to reporting tax liability for each country separately, consider creating a country group for each concerned country and mapping the correct ledger accounts to be applied.

Note: orders made from countries outside your country groups will be processed according to your regular mappings.

Updated on: 28/08/2023

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