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How to correct an edited order in

If you have edited an order in Shopify after it has been included in a payout, a mismatch error may occur.

For this reason, we strongly recommend you do not use the order edit feature in Shopify

This is due to the order no longer matching the amount shown in the payout, this may also be the same order will appear in two different payouts or even twice in the same payout.

Below we will walk through how to let know what has happened, so we can continue to process the payout.

In the payouts screen, you may notice an order with the status of 'Stalled'. Click on this row to begin the edit process.

If there are any problem transactions, they will be shown at the top and highlighted. Click 'Edit Order Items'  on the right-hand side to adjust the line item quantities, discounts, and shipping.

This will then bring you to this view. Simply adjust the quantity on the right-hand side to match the quantity at the time of the payout. You can click 'View Order on Shopify' to remind yourself what was edited, in relation to the payout date.

Do not worry! You are only editing our copy of the order for this payout, the order on Shopify will not change

Once you think you have it correct, click Save.

If it still is not correct when we try to process it again, you will be notified.

In the below example, the original order only had 1 product, so we have adjusted the second product quantity to be 0.

If you cannot achieve the above simply by editing line items, a separate error may have occurred. In that case, please contact us by using the Live Chat option at the bottom right of the screen.

Updated on: 18/08/2022

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