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How can I attach invoices for direct orders to an existing contact instead of the default?

When you install Reconcilely for the first time, we create a contact on Xero to assign orders to in case you don't want to create contacts on Xero for each customer.

But if you're migrating from another solution, you may already be using a specific Xero contact to assign orders from your store.

That's where this new setting comes in. This override will allow you to override the default invoice contact to any contact in your Xero organization.

You can find the contact ID in Xero by navigating to a contact and taking note of the ID in your browser's URL"

You can access this new setting in Order Settings.

Only available if you've configured Reconcilely NOT to create a contact for each customer. If you create a contact for each Shopify customer, the override will not be used.

Updated on: 18/08/2022

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