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Create Xero contacts for Shopify customers

You can set up to automatically create, find and assign Xero contacts for each Shopify customer you have. This will attach orders to Xero contacts as they are placed while maintaining synchronized information about the customer.

If enabled, the app will create a Xero contact for each Shopify customer you have, and orders made by existing customers will be attached to the correct contact on Xero. Also, with this option enabled, you'll be given the option to either assign your contacts a unique ID or not.

If disabled, no contacts for each customer will be created, and instead, all orders will be automatically assigned to a 'Shopify' contact which will be created.

An override option allows you to change the default invoice contact (that we created automatically when you first installed the app) to any contact in your Xero organization. The field will allow you to override the default invoice contact to any contact in your Xero organization.

The override is especially useful if you are migrating from another app which created a Shopify contact, or if you already had one of your own.

You can find the contact ID in Xero by navigating to your contact of choice and taking note of the ID in your browser's URL:

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Updated on: 10/11/2022

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