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Why doesn't every order from Shopify get sent to Xero? focuses on creating a solution to make reconciling payouts easier & keeping your Xero account accurate and up to date. 

Because a payout usually contains multiple orders, we focus on working out within each payout, which orders are tax-exempt, the fees contained within each order, and making sure that if you have refunded orders, these are appropriately debiting the appropriate sales account.

This means you can trust that your accounting is accurate, and when it comes to time reconciling your Shopify payouts, you no longer have to manually create invoices to reconcile your payments. 

For orders that didn't use Shopify Payments, and therefore were not included in payout, you can opt to have each of these orders sent to Xero immediately under the 'Settings' screen.  This is on by default.

You can also nominate to send every order individually too

Updated on: 08/08/2022

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