Every created invoice in your accounting system can contain a custom string of text as a reference which you can search for when reconciling your accounts.

For this, Reconcile.ly offers a variety of dynamic reference options:

  • Authorization Key (Payment)

  • Payment Gateway

  • Order Number

  • Order Number & Payment Gateway

  • Customer names & Payment Gateway

  • Customer names, Address, & Payment Gateway

  • Customer names & Address

  • Customer names & Authorisation Key (Payment)

  • Customer Note

Once selected, this will be reflected on your 'Reference' field on your Xero Invoices.

So, you can select the option that works best for you, and Reconcile.ly will ensure to put in the reference field in the individual orders we send to Xero.

Note: If you're using Authorisation Key, then you'll need to make sure you're sending invoices when they are 'Paid' - otherwise, it will default to 'Payment Gateway '.

Can't find the option you prefer? Let us know via live chat, and we will be glad to look into this!

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