This article only applies if you are consolidating Shopify Payments.

Sometimes an order might be included in your payout, but your store has also accepted part of its payment via another source, such as cash or a credit card.

This is straight forwards to account for in

In the mappings screen, under "other" you will see this option:

Depending on your Xero setup, and region the actual account number may be different but we recommend setting this to a "suspense" or "clearing" account:

Now, lets say you have and order for $20.00, with $10 processed via Shopify Payments, and $10 was processed another way such as cash or card. will record the full sale amount of $20 against your sales account, then deduct $10 from the suspense or clearing account.

Then when you deposit the cash, or get a payment from the other payment provider and are reconciling it in Xero, simply record it against the same suspense or clearing account (We have already recorded the full sale amount) which will then zero that account out.

At that's it, at this point all is accounted for and reconciled.

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